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Artists of the Tudor Court

Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger - Portrait of a Lady

This portrait is slightly later than the Segar - 1618 - but the influence of Elizabeth I can still clearly be seen. 

Full portrait of a lady with a pale face and hair pulled back.  She is wearing an expensive green dress and is standing next to a deocrated red chair.
Portrait of a Lady - Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger, 1618

Again we do not know who the lady is but we do know the artist.  Marcus Gheeraerts was a famous portrait painter of the sixteenth century, even painting Queen Elizabeth herself.  His most famous works are 'The Ditchley Portrait' and 'The Rainbow Portrait'.

This Ferens portrait is of an unknown lady, in a green velvet dress with white and gold sleeves. Her left hand rests on a red velvet cushion across the arms of a chair. Her clothing shows the short-lived fashion for yellow dyed lace and the use of ribbon as adornment rather than jewellery.  She also holds a fan made from ostrich feathers which were very exotic and expensive.

This painting has also being wrongly identified, once as Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia and also as Frances Howard, Countess of Essex.