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Elisabeth de Valois

Lord Arundel

The portrait of Lord Arundel below can be found in the Darnley room at Temple Newsam House. It was painted around 1577.


Lord Arundel is pictured wearing a highly embroidered dress and hat. There is a small puppy with him and he is standing next to a bowl of fruit.
Portrait of Lord Arundel as a Young Boy

What Clues does this Portrait Contain?

  • Young Tudor children wore the same kind of clothes when very young and it is hard to tell that this portrait shows a boy. He is wearing a magnificent outfit made up of a bodice and skirt with a lavish design.
  • Little Lord Arundel wears a lace apron. Lace was then very expensive. Aprons were usually made of cheaper material because they were worn to protect clothing from becoming dirty. The fact that Lord Arundel's apron was made from lace shows that his parents spent a lot of money on his clothing.
  • Lord Arundel holds a gold rattle and gold chain around his neck. Do you think the rattle is a toy he often played with? Gold was and still is very expensive.
  • Also in the painting is a 'toy' pet dog. Ordinary families kept working dogs to help them with certain tasks or to protect their homes. Only richer Tudors could afford to keep a dog as a pet.