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Mary Queen of Scots

Francois de Lorraine

This portrait is believed to have been painted by Rowland Lockey in the late 1500s. Francois de Lorraine was a French nobleman and the uncle of Mary Queen of Scots.


Francois de Lorraine is painted with very broad shoulders.  He wears a beret style hat with a feather and a sword
Francois de Lorraine (late 1500s)

What Clues does the Portrait Contain?

  • In this portrait we can see Francois wearing a fashionable doublet jacket and a pair of hose that look a little bit like shorts.
  • Hose were often stuffed with straw as padding to make the gentleman's legs look more muscular. 
  • If you look closely at his hat, you will see that it is decorated with is an ostrich feather, which tells us that he had a lot of money because this would have been imported from overseas.

Close up of Francois de Lorraine's head
Francois de Lorraine (detail)

  • How is Francois dressed differently from Henry, Lord Darnley? Did you notice that he is not wearing a ruff? This is because ruffs had not yet become fashionable in France.
  • Can you seen any similarities between the portraits? Like Lord Darnley and Henry VIII, Francois also carries a sword. Men wore swords to show that they were skilled in swordplay and that they had taken part in battles. 


Detail showing fashionable doublet and hose and codpiece,  all of a light material.  The sword handle can also be seen and is quite ornate.
Francois de Lorraine (detail)



Muscular - strong, visible muscles

Nobleman - someone who, in the past, had a title and power over how the country was run

Ostrich - large bird which comes from Africa and cannot fly

Similarities - things that are the same