Teachers' notes, activities and linked resources

This resource uses the life of cloth manufacturer Benjamin Gott (1762-1841) as a model for entrepreneurial skill and understanding. The development of his business is an example of the growth of the factory system during the Industrial Revolution. 

Curriculum links:

KS4 Business Studies - Enterprise - Setting up a business
KS3 Citizenship - the functions and uses of money and the importance and practice of budgeting and managing risk
KS3 History - Industrial Change 1750-1900
KS4 History - British Social and Economic History After 1750
KS3-4 PHSE - a basic understanding of enterprise

Aims of this resource:
To enable students to gain a better understanding of entrepreneurial attitudes and business practice.

Learning objectives:

Knowledge of the ways in which enterprising businesses operate, (e.g. conditions of work and debates about rights and responsibilities)
Understanding of the wider role of business, its responsibilities and resources
Skills in problem-solving and relating the demands of business in 1800s Leeds to modern practice

Activity ideas:

  • Pit your wits against Benjamin Gott in this interactive game 

  • Download the teachers' pack, 'Gotts Challenges' and set your students an enterprise challenge!
Etching of Armley Mill, Leeds
White marble bust of Benjamin Gott in a classical Roman style