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1980s Colour Fabric Technology

M&S Fashion Brands of the 21st Century

In the 2000s M&S launched several new brands. 

per una clothing in store at M&S Abbeycentre, Newton Abbey 2006
M&S Abbeycentre, Newton Abbey

per una is particularly popular; when it first launched it outsold all other M&S fashion ranges! per una has an Italian feel with quirky touches and added embroidery, and customers say that it is fresh and attractive. 

Pink M&S per una handbag from 2005
M&S per una Handbag

Autograph was designed as a capsule collection with statement pieces. Short product runs and quick turnaround means that the pieces always feel fresh and the limited product runs ensure exclusivity (i.e. there is less chance of finding someone else wearing the same clothes as you). Supermodels of the time starred in the advertising campaigns and helped to present an ultra-stylish image. 
On Your Marks M&S staff magazine article on launch of Autograph in February 2000
M&S Staff Magazine Feb 2000
Grey M&S Autograph coat from 2006 with black belt and buttons
Grey M&S Autograph Coat
Blue Harbour, Collezione, Indigo, Limited Collection and Classic all followed - each range has a target market and its own distinct branding.