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Underground Workers

Two Different Types of People


Black and white photo showing men and women walking down a road.  They are dressed in Victorian clothes
Close -up of South Parade, Matlock Bath

The photographs above and below show some Victorian tourists in Matlock Bath, and three local men working down a mine.


Black and white image of two men in a mine.  They are sitting down and the rock ceiling is only a few inches above their heads.
Red Rakes Mine, 1910, Bath

What have you found out about people who visited Matlock Bath?

  • Can you find out how they got to Matlock?
  • What kind of lives did they lead?
  • Were they rich or poor?

Compare the lives of these people with the people who lived in Matlock Bath itself.

  • What kind of jobs did people do in Matlock Bath?
  • Were the jobs well paid? How can you tell?
  • What was it like to work in Matlock Bath?