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The Royal Museum

Victorian Tourist Attractions

A photograph of the entrance to the High Tor Grounds, taken in the 1920s.  It shows a bridge protected by a metal gate.
Entrance to High Tor Grounds, 1920s

The photographs on this page show some of the other attractions that brought Victorian visitors to Matlock Bath.

Black and white images showing two men on a wooden boat at the side of the river
Ferry Men on the River at Matlock Bath

Can you list all the activities a daytripper could do, and make any other suggestions?

  • How does a day trip to Matlock Bath compare with a day out or holiday that you have been on? What are the differences and similarities?
  • What visitor attractions do you look for on a day trip nowadays?
  • Make a list of all the jobs that would be available for people living in Victorian Matlock Bath, using the photos you have seen so far, that relied on the tourist trade.

Black and white photograph showing a large building in the centre, with a church and other buildings
Old Pavilion and Switchback, Matlock Bath