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Teachers' Notes

Resource created by:  The Harris Museum

This resource looks at the developments in transportation in the Victorian age and early twentieth century, and the impact this had on society.

A family sitting in an early open top car.  The man and woman are wearing hats, and there are two children .  There is only one row of seat that takes up the width of the car.
Early Open Top Car

The activity suggestions use contemporary photographs to encourage historical enquiry, thinking skills and group collaboration. Many of the activities have cross-curricular links.


Curriculum Links

  • KS1 History:  Significant historical places in their own locality
  • KS2 History:  Study of an aspect or theme in British history after 1066

Learning Outcomes

Identify characteristic features of Victorian transport


Discussion Ideas

Look at the photographs to discover different types of transport in Victorian times, and use the discussion ideas to spark conversation.  There are more discussion ideas on each page.

  • Which types of transport do we use today?
  • How do the Victorian examples compare to modern versions?
  • What are the similiarities and differences?
  • Why do you think some modes of transport are not used anymore?
  • What has replaced them?