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What is an 'Evacuee'?

Even Boys Knitted!

During World War Two people at home took on different roles to help the war effort. Adults did jobs they wouldn't have done before the war. Some became ARP (Air Raid Precautions) Wardens, performing vital duties outdoors when air raid sirens had sounded. Many women became part of the Women's Land Army, doing manual work such as farm jobs, while labourers were in the services.


Children were also expected to contribute to the war effort. The photograph below shows schoolboys in Gotham, Nottinghamshire knitting clothes. During the war people knitted clothing for soldiers and children were proud of making socks or scarves to be sent to soldiers.


Photograph of Gotham schoolboys knitting at their desks.
Gotham Schoolboys Knitting

Children were also encouraged to help recycle materials that were in short supply to make equipment needed for the war. Many aluminium items were called in for recycling so that they could be used to make aircraft! The photograph below shows metal gathered during Northampton Salvage Week. 


Black and white photograph of a man and a boy surrounded by piles of metal things such as cans, bicycles, pans etc
Northampton Salvage Week



Aluminium - a light, bendable metal

Encourage - try to make people want to do something

Performing - to complete a task

Precautions - doing things to prevent something going wrong

Services - the different parts of the military

Vital - the most important

Warden - someone whose job is to take care of something