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Teachers' Notes

Resource created by: East Riding Museums, Heritage Learning and Normanby Hall Country Park.

This resource explores the devastating attacks by Zeppelin on the Humber region, through archive photographs, documents and significant objects.


Curriculum Links

  • KS3 & 4 History: World War One

Learning Objectives

Knowledge of the impact of Zeppelin raids on the civilian population
Understanding of the significance of air raids on the Home Front
Skills in analysing and interpreting historical evidence


Discussion Ideas

  • Which of the resources in this learning story do you find most useful for finding out about Zeppelin raids?
  • Look at the painting of the trawler Olivine with the Zeppelin. What do you think is happening in this picture?
  • Look at the public warning poster of British and German aircraft. Do you think it would be easy to tell an enemy from a British aircraft using this poster? Do you think it would have helped to calm the civilian population?
  • Why do you think the local papers were not allowed to report on Zeppelin raids? Would that kind of reporting restriction be possible now? Why/why not?

Activity Ideas

  • Imagine you are a reporter from the Hull Daily Mail. Find out as much as you can about the Zeppelin raid on 5 – 6 March or 6 June 1915. Write an article about the raid and illustrate it with photographs. Include comments from people who were there.
  • Imagine you have to organise the defence of an East Coast town against Zeppelin attacks. Find out what technology was available during the First World War. What would you do?