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Music in Leeds

Leeds has always been a vibrant home for music. We have sent music globally. We have nurtured and loved rock and pop through bands like the Kaiser Chiefs and Soft Cell, and host Leeds Fest every year. We are known around the world for the Leeds International Piano Competition and through the orchestras of Opera North and Northern Ballet.

Sheet with seven different tickets illustrated showing roles such as 'Working', 'Media' and 'Support'.
Guns N Roses Stage Passes Key Chart

We make music as a city. For every global hit, there are hundreds of people across Leeds playing, singing and making music for the love of it. Because it makes them feel good, feel creative, expressive and free. It is those folks we want to celebrate here.


Orange and black print design on thin card.  Pass number 0627 with 'BBC INTRO' and 'Simon Pollard Band' written  on it.
Simon Pollard Band Production Pass