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A Battery Powered Toy

Old and New Toys

Victorian Noah's Ark

A Victorian Noah´s Ark Toy

This Victorian Noah’s Ark is made of wood.

Victorian children had parents who thought they should not play with toys on a Sunday - imagine that! One exception was the Noah’s Ark – because the story of Noah comes from the Bible.


Modern Noah's Ark

New Noah´s Ark Toy

This modern Noah’s Ark is made of brightly painted wood. Which animals can you recognise? Are the animals in the old Noah’s Ark as easy to recognise?


1950s Toy Motorcycle

1950s Tinplate, Clockwork Motorcycle

This tinplate, clockwork motorcycle dates from the 1950s. Look at the motorcyclist’s clothes and helmet.


Modern Toy Motorcycle

A New Clockwork Motorcycle Toy

This modern toy motorcycle is made of plastic. Compare it to the motorcycle above. What is similar?  What is different?