Teachers' notes, activities and linked resources

Curriculum links:

KS1 Design & Technology - Explore and use mechanisms

KS1 History - Changes within living memory 'How are our toys different from those in the past?'

KS1 Science - Distinguishing between objects and materials

Aims of resource:

This resource explores old and new toys, how toys move, and the materials from which they are made

Learning objectives:

Knowledge of old and new toys and the materials they are made of

Understanding of the differences between modern toys and toys from the past

Skills to investigate how simple mechanisms work

Discussion ideas:

  • What sort of materials are old toys made from?
  • What are new toys made of?
  • What do you think works well about the old toys?
  • How would you change them?
  • What sort of things can newer toys do that old toys can't?
  • What makes a toy fun to play with?
  • What can old toys tell us about children's lives in the past?

Activity ideas:

  • D&T - Make a modern design for an old toy:
    Pupils could take one of the toys pictured in this resource and create a design showing how they would change it to make it appeal to children today. They might consider: 
    - How could you make it more fun?
    - What sort of features could you add?
    Pupils could then present their design to the class and explain why they have made design choices. 

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A Victorian Noah´s Ark toy, made of wood