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Teachers' Notes

This resource was created by Leeds Museums and Galleries | Temple Newsam


Curriculum Links

  • KS2 History: Local History Study
  • KS3 History: Local History Study
  • OCR GCSE B (Schools History Project):
    • History Around Us: Temple Newsam House and Estate

Discussion and Activity Ideas

  • Use the Temple Newsam Timeline to explore the story of the house through time.
  • Download the Timeline Images with Dates document and as a class or in groups, put the events in the correct order.
  • Research an owner of the house. Create a character profile or 'wanted' poster.
  • Look at the portraits of the different owners of Temple Newsam on the Timeline Images with Dates download. How have the fashions changed? Draw yourself in a costume from your preferred time period. See Supporting Links for other stories on MyLearning that can help you.
    • What other objects have been included in the portraits?
    • Why have they been included and what message does this give the viewer? 
  • Lord Darcey, the first owner of Temple Newsam House, had a stag as a symbol to represent himself. It was used on his armour and his coats of arms. A stag is a grand animal and it represents his power, strength and speed.
    • If you were the next owner of Temple Newsam House what would be your symbol?
    • What would go on your coat of arms?
    • What message would your design communicate?
  • As the new owner of Temple Newsam what changes would you make?
    • How would it be different?
    • Draw the house or one of the rooms as you would want it to be.
  • Lord Darnley, who grew up at Temple Newsam, was murdered. His murder was never solved! Research the main suspects. Who do you think did it?  Access the National Archives lesson pack based on the murder of Lord Darnley to help.
  • Capability Brown landscaped the grounds in the seventeenth century. Using his key features (listed below) can you design your own stately garden?
    • Water - for example a lake
    • Stone bridge over the water
    • Clumps of trees
    • Decorative garden building - for example a folly, temple or rotunda
    • Grand, sweeping drive
    • Strips of woodland
  • During the seventeenth century the fashion for interior designs often included ideas and stories from Greek myths and legends. This is depicted in the wallpaper, furniture and ornaments in Temple Newsam's vast Picture Gallery. Download the interactive powerpoint exploring the design of the Picture Gallery.