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A snapshot of M&S food through time

The images here and on the next page represent a snapshot of how food has been developed at M&S over the years - some of the highlights are listed below and you can download the full timeline (in either PowerPoint or PDF format) using the links below.

1884 - Penny Bazaars sell basic food items, such as flour, spices and confectionery

1935 - Marks & Spencer Cafe Bars open in a selection of stores

1948 - Self-service food shopping was introduced, and it completely revolutionised food retail spaces, with customers selecting their own food from open shelving

1960s/1970s - Technology comes to the forefront, with fresh chilled chicken going on sale in newly installed chilled cabinets, and a range of frozen foods being developed

1972 - 'Sell-by' dates added to food wrappers. These are adopted by other retailers and eventually become a legal requirement

1974 - Foil-wrapped, boil-in-the-bag, 'convenience foods' such as Ravioli, are introduced - a radical alternative to frozen or canned meals

1993 - Percy Pigs launched (over one billion have now been sold)

2004 - The first 'this is not just food' television advert is aired, and one of the most iconic adverts from this campaign featured the Melt in the Middle Chocolate Pudding.

Confectionery - food items such as sweets, cakes and chocolates
Iconic - very famous or popular
Radical - very new and different from what is ordinary

Revolutionised -   changed something in a big way

Download the full timeline in PDF or PowerPoint (see links below) for more information.

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