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The Big Beach Clean-Up

Reuse and recycle clothes by 'shwopping'

Shwopping is all about reducing the amount of clothes that end up in landfill sites. When customers visit an M&S store to buy something new, they can also donate their unwanted clothing at Shwop Drops at the same time. The donated clothes are then collected by Oxfam and either resold in their charity shops, reused or recycled to support people in poverty (find out more on the Plan A website - see Related Links at bottom of page).


Landfill -  is a site for the disposal of waste materials by burial
Oxfam - a leading UK charity fighting global poverty
Shwop Drop - a drop-off point in M&S stores for donated clothing

Extension activities:
Look at these other resources on My Learning relating to recycled materials and sustainability:
M&S Cheshire Oaks Eco Store - a green building with 60% eco features
Quilt Made from Ties - recycling in the 1960s and upcycling
Military Patchwork Quilt - made by a soldier from uniforms in the 19th Century
Home Front: The Civilian War Effort - recycling during World War 2

Try some of our discussion  and activity ideas inspired by the information on this and the following pages.
M&S Shwopping Campaign