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Video Interviews with Ex-Trawlermen and the Hessle Road Community

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Heritage Learning would like to thank the following people for supporting this My Learning resource:

 Michael Thompson

Alec Gill, MBE

Arthur Credland

James McMellon

Grace Bates

Kate Holloway – Class Teacher, Maybury Primary School

Alison Grantham – Head Teacher, Maybury Primary School

Quentin Budworth – Film Maker/Photographer

The staff and volunteers of the Arctic Corsair

Rupert Creed

Adam Fowler

Mary Denness

Yvonne Blenkinsop

Jim Williams

James Claughton

Barry Field

Michael Swain

Joe Bartle

George Bartle

Sam Swallow

Mason Redfern

Harry Day

Terry Thresh