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Teachers' Notes

Resource created by Hull Maritime Museum


This resource explores the inspiring history of Hull’s fishing industry, how Hull docks developed and what it was  like to live and work within Hull's fishing community. It also focuses on the impact of the 1968 Triple Trawler Disaster.


Curriculum links

  • KS2 Geography - Coasts; Human Geography - economic activity incluidng trade links, and the distribution of natural resources (food).
  • KS1-2 History - Local Study - Life in the Past
  • KS2 English/Literacy - Non-fiction texts - First-person reports 


Learning Objectives

  • Knowledge of Hull's fishing industry heritage
  • Understanding of the development of a local industry
  • Skills to interpret evidence and understand the contrast between the modern world and life in the past 

Videos of interviews with trawlermen have been created in partnership with Maybury Primary School for this resource. 


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