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Lotherton Hall: A Country House Hospital

Lotherton Hall: Legacies of the Wartime Hospital

During their stay at Lotherton Hall, the soldiers were encouraged to take up occupational therapy. Learning crafts and making things would help them to pass the time and also gave them something to do. Some of the objects that the soldiers made are still kept within the house.

The Lotherton Dolls House

The dolls house pictured below was made by the soldiers recovering at Lotherton. 
Large hand-made dolls' house
Large Dolls' House Hand-made by Convalescing Soldiers

Lotherton Chapel

Lotherton’s chapel was built in the 1100s to serve the lost village of Lotherton. Colonel and Mrs Gascoigne had it restored, so that the soldiers who were convalescing in the house could worship there. Inside the chapel is a memorial to the soldiers who fought in the First World War. 
Interior view of a chapel with a carved wooden prayer desk
Interior View of the Chapel at Lotherton Hall
In front of the chapel pulpit there is a prayer desk which was carved by the soldiers at the hospital.