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Teachers' notes

Resource created by Hull History Centre.

This resource shows how the Humber Bridge has affected local life with its construction. It's designed for use in the classroom, taking both teachers and students from before the bridge existed to the opportunities it has delivered to Hull since.

The resource focuses on the construction of the Humber Bridge and the reasoning behind it and its importance.  It explores the bridge’s design and construction, which have provided the area with the opportunity to grow.

The Bridge has finally brought a connection between East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, whilst not disturbing the life on and below the Humber.

Aimed at KS2 students, this resource has the possibility to be modified to those at KS3.

Highlights involve the chance for students to take all the factors learnt through local history and develop their own Humber Bridge using a gained knowledge of structures and local needs. Also allows the chance to gain knowledge of not only one of East Yorkshire's great landmarks but also one of British engineering’s greatest legacies and achievements.


Curriculum Links

  • KS2 History: Local History: History Around Us
  • KS2 Design and Technology: Technical knowledge: build structures, exploring how they can be made stronger, stiffer and more stable
  • KS2 Maths: Measurement

Activity Idea - Build Your Own Bridge

Use our Bridge Design PowerPoint (see Documents in Resources) and build and design your own bridge in school by:

  • Looking at documents and images that state a need
  • Problem solving with weights, distances and environmental obstacles
  • Considering the needs of local people and businesses
  • Using previous knowledge of the Humber Bridge and construction methods.

These activities are designed to improve key skills and support the National Curriculum. Using Hull’s unique archival and local studies collections, participants will use communication, independent enquiry, teamwork, creative thinking, reflective learning and many more skills to gain an understanding of the Humber Bridge.