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Under Construction

The Completed Construction

The Humber Bridge when first constructed was the largest single span suspended roadway in the world! It spans some 1,410 meters, that’s 13 and a half lengths of Wembley Stadium!


View from below Humber Bridge towers taken from North bank
Below Humber Bridge From North Bank

The bridge sits 30 meters above the river to allow shipping to safely pass under.

Extract of design facts about The Humber Bridge, from 'The Bridge', journal of British Bridge Builders Ltd
Humber Bridge Design Facts

The two towers that support the Bridge are 510 ft high, just over half the size of the Eiffel Tower. The roadway is made up of 124 sections all weighing 140 tons, roughly the weight of a Blue Whale.


Humber Bridge North Side
Humber Bridge North Side

The cables that suspend the bridge are 14,948 parallel galvanized drawn wires of 5mm in diameter spun together to make one steel wire cable of 62m in diameter.

Cables within the Humber Bridge
Cables Within the Humber Bridge