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What do we know about the Hallaton Treasure?

Iron Age and Roman Jewellery Designs

Why do you wear jewellery? Jewellery can be useful, (eg. for securing clothing), as well as decorative. In Iron Age times men and women wore a variety of pieces of jewellery. We know, for example, that Iron Age people wore long cloaks and a brooch would be used to keep the cloak in place.


Dolphin brooch

Look through the images on this page of Roman and Iron Age jewellery. Can you work out which pieces are Roman and which are Iron Age?

Birdlip brooch

Here are some clues:

  • Roman designs featured animals, horses, hares, birds and fish as well as imagery of gods and goddesses
  • Iron Age jewellery was often made from bronze or gold.


Strands of wire twisted together with a hook on one end,
Cable Bracelet