Teachers' Notes

Between 2000 and 2004 on a hilltop in southeast Leicestershire, thousands of bones, silver and gold coins and other mysterious objects were discovered, the remains of great feasts and rituals from the Iron Age - 2000 years ago.  

These items are now displayed in the Hallaton Treasure Gallery at Harborough Museum, where the world of the ancient Britons is brought to life through illustrated displays, interactives and film footage.

These online resources can be used to help prepare a group for a visit to Harborough Museum to take part in the The Hallaton Treasure and the Romans storytelling session or to reinforce learning following a visit. This resource can also be used as a stand-alone classroom aid for investigating the Romans, the Ice Age and the Hallaton Treasure.


The activity ideas are aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils covering QCA unit 6: Invaders and settlers. Adaptable activity sheets are provided, as well as interactive activities, background information, images of the treasures and illustrations of Iron Age society.

Curriculum Links:

KS2 History: Romans Invaders and settlers
KS2 Literacy: Speaking and listening, writing and storytelling
KS2 Art and design: Exploring Iron Age designs
KS2 Maths: Estimating size and shape
KS2 Geography: Using different sources to discover the development of a local site over a length of time 
KS2 Science: Materials and their properties - survival rate of different materials
PSHE: Faith and ritual - using imagination to understand other people's experiences reflecting on spiritual and social issues

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