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Teachers' Notes

Democracy and Child Friendly Leeds – how can you be involved in decision making in Leeds?


Curriculum Links

KS1 & 2 History: Local Study

KS2 PSHE: Living in the wider world

KS3 Citizenship: Understanding democracy | Rights and responsibilities of citizens.

SMSC: British Values


Discussion and Activity Ideas

1. What does democracy mean? Why do you think democracy is important?


2. Give your pupils 5 minutes to write down their ideas for what they would do to make Leeds a better city for children and young people. Topics could include tackling bullying, recycling, charity work or the environment – but ideas should be both achievable and affordable. Children can then pitch their ideas back to the class who can ask questions about them in a “dragons den” style format.


3. Think about how you could make Leeds a better place for children. Finish this sentence 'If I were Children’s Mayor of Leeds I would …'

4. Hold a mock election where pupils form teams, choose an issue that is important to them and then campaign for votes. Maybe even your whole school could use democracy in assemblies to make decisions so that everyone in your school has a say and can influence what happens.

5. Create your own Ultimate Children’s festival – where would it be held, what activities would take place and most importantly, how could children be involved in planning and running it and making it a big success?

6. What do you think citizenship means? What do you think makes you a good citizen of Leeds? Think of all the times you have shown citizenship. Here are some examples:

· I was friendly to a new child from a different country.

· I helped clean up my local park/river/ street.

· I delivered meals to the home for older people.

· I made a voting poster.

· I listened to someone else’s point of view in an argument.

· I said no when my friend asked me to do something that was wrong.

· I wore a helmet and skated safely at the skate park.


7. Book a tour of the Council Chamber, Civic Hall and Owl Trail. Contact the Leeds City Council Voice, Influence and Change Team on