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Teachers' Notes

Resource created by Guildford Heritage Services

Curriculum links

  • KS2 History: A significant turning point in British history
  • KS3 History: WW1
  • KS4 History: WW1

Aims of resource

To inform students about the Zeppelin raids on Britain in WW1 and communicate the concept of the Home Front.

Learning Objectives

  • Knowledge of the German bombing raids on Britain during WW1 
  • Understanding of the tactical reasons for the air-raids and their consequences
  • Skills to use evidence to analyse cause and effect of historical events 

Discussion Ideas

  • What reasons might the Germans have had for wanting to disrupt the war effort in Britain?
  • How do you think the pilots and crew of the airships felt, knowing that their bombs could, and did, hit civilians?
  • Do you think it is possible to justify civilian casualties during a war?
  • Beatrice Webb describes feeling excited about the raids and many people went out into the street to watch the airships fly past. Why do you think they might have reacted in this way?

Activity Ideas

  • Propaganda: In wartime, the authorities produce different media to convince people to do certain things, like volunteer for the army or grow their own vegetables. How might the German air-raids have been used in British propaganda?

    - Create a propaganda poster about the air-raids on Loughborough to encourage young men to join the army.
    - When you have finished, add arrows explaining your choices of pictures, colours, facts, persuasive language.
    - Also, if you can, explain what you have left out of the poster and why.
  • Ideas for further research: 
    - What specific areas of Guilford, London or Loughborough were targeted by German bombers?
    - Which other UK cities were bombed and why?
    - Can you find out the course of a single Zeppelin raid (which towns it crossed and the damage it did?)?
    - Can you find any estimates of how many Zeppelin raids on Britain were completed?
    - Why were Zeppelins replaced by Gotha and Giant bombers?
    - Find examples of the sort of damage Zeppelins did (eg. shrapnel, injuries, destruction of buildings)?