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Guardians of the Internal Organs

Treasures found with Mummified People

Mummified people were buried with many different types of objects.



Amulets were buried with the mummified person usually in and around the bandages. These amulets would protect the person after death. The eye of Horus (or 'wedjat eye') was a famous amulet which was used as a symbol of protection from evil.

Turquoise ceramic piece made in the shape of an eye
Eye of Horus

Amulets were also used by Egyptians in their daily lives.


Small blue amulet carved into the shape of a scarab beetle.
Scarab Beetle Amulet - Topside



Shabtis were small statuettes usually in the form of a person and were placed inside the tomb of the deceased. The Egyptians believed that these figures would come to life when called by the dead person and would serve them in their afterlife.


Turquoise glazed small figurine
Shabti Figure


Jewellery and treasures

Mummified people were often buried with many of their belongings that might be needed in the afterlife. 

Colour photograph showing a small pot carved from white stone, with a reddish band running through it.
Egyptian Eye Make-up Pot

If the mummified person was very rich when they died, such as the Pharaoh, he would be buried with objects made out of gold, for example jewellery. A famous discovery was the tomb of Tutankhamun whose whole coffin was made out of gold. Tutankhamun was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922.


Bead necklace with various gemstones and amulets
Bead Necklace with Various Gemstones and Amulets

Furniture, models of farmers, bakers, millers and pottery have all been found in burial sites. All these were everyday items that the deceased would need to have a comfortable afterlife.


Colour photograph of a shell with rust coloured staining inside
Ancient Egyptian Paint Holder