What is a minibeast?

A minibeast, also called an invertebrate, is a creature without either a backbone or an internal skeleton.  Humans have backbones and internal skeletons so are called vertebrates.
There are many different kinds of invertebrates, around 40,000 species in Britain alone, and millions across the rest of planet Earth.
Butterflies, moths, dragonflies, centipedes, spiders, scorpions, snails, beetles, crabs and worms are all invertebrates.
About 97% of creatures on Earth are invertebrates and without them we would not be able to survive.  They help to pollinate plants, recycle waste material, provide food for other creatures such as birds and reptiles and much, much more.
Invertebrates have been living on earth for about 550 million years and have adapted to survive in different habitats, from woodlands to desserts.
There are several different types of invertebrates, each with their own characteristics.
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