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Teachers' notes

York Museums Trust has a large collection of invertebrates.  For more information about the entomology collections see: Why does the Yorkshire Museum have a minibeast collection?
A KS1/KS2 schools workshop at the Yorkshire Museum called Funky Fossils and Super Bugs makes use of this collection. 
What is this resource about?
This resource, suitable for Key Stages 1 to 3, aims to develop knowledge and understanding of invertebrates and includes an interactive game called Super Bugs, giving children the chance to create their own minibeast with the help of a cartoon museum curator called Jo!


Curriculum Links

The resource covers the following areas of the Science curriculum:
  • Life processes and living things
  • Variation and classification
  • Living things in their environment
  • Investigative skills
It also covers aspects of the following QCA units:

KS1 Science

Unit 2B - Plants and animals in the local environment
Unit 2C - Variation

KS2 Science

Unit 4B - Habitats
Unit 5B - Life cycles
Unit 6A - Interdependence and adaptation

KS3 Science

Unit 7C - Environment and feeding relationships
Unit 7D - Variation and classification
Unit 8D - Ecological relationships
Unit 9D - Plants for food

Inspiring Learning For All (museum) learning outcomes

  • Knowledge and understanding: to deepen understanding of how creatures are adapted to their habitat
  • Skills: to develop skills of scientific inquiry and investigation
  • Activity, Behaviour and Progression: to encourage an interest in and respect for the environment and living things

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