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Teachers' Notes

Resource created by Leeds Museums and Galleries as part of the Leeds Curriculum suite of resources.

A Global View:

WW1: As the name suggests, the First World War (1914-1918) involved many countries across the globe. Initially, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia in Eastern Europe for resisting its imperial control. The declaration prompted a domino effect as countries stepped in one after another to support their allies on each side. Eventually, this meant that countries such as Austria-Hungary, Germany and Italy were at war with countries including Britain, France and Russia. As some of these had their own empires, the countries within the empires were made to fight too, supporting their rulers, or were attacked by their rulers’ enemies. For example, troops from India, Australia and New Zealand fought for Britain and the Indian army attacked German colonies in Africa. In 1917, the USA joined the war on Britain’s side. Consequently, huge portions of the world ended up entangled in the conflict.

Curriculum Links

  • KS2 History: Local Study, Theme extending knowledge beyond 1066
  • KS2 English: Planning, drafting and writing; Reading aloud; Listening; Evaluating and debating
  • KS2 PSHE: Relationships, Rights, Responsibilities, Community and Global Citizenship
  • KS2 Citizenship
  • SMSC – British Values

Activity Ideas

  • Find out more about someone who you think has been courageous – it might be a person you know or someone who is famous for their courage
  • Design and make an item/lucky charm/gift that you could give to another person to help them through a challenge or give them a good feeling in times of struggle
  • Create an emblem for courage for your class
  • Find out what the word ‘pacifist’ means
  • Find out what the word ‘socialist’ means.

Discussion ideas

  • How might the soldiers fighting and dying on the front line have felt when Woodbine Willy visited them? Why did Woodbine Willy do it?
  • What does being courageous mean to you? When have you been courageous? How does it feel when you are being courageous?
  • How can we help make change in the world through being courageous?