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Printmaking - 5 to 11 Years

Making With Materials - 5 to 11 Years

Making with materials in two and three dimensions develops visual, tactile and spatial awareness. Through the use of different materials and tools children can explore the visual language with the emphasis on shape, form, structure and space and the relationship between two- and three-dimensions. The treatment of surface, pattern and texture, can often be important considerations.

Artist Posing Wire Models
Artist Posing Wire Models

In this Framework children will be introduced to the idea of sculpture, three-dimensional art which exists in space to be looked at in the round. It has height, width and depth.

It is important that children have the opportunity to engage in making using a variety of materials and techniques on a regular basis.

Making with materials involves three distinct techniques; modelling, constructing and assembling. Each offer unique ways of experiencing and working with materials through:

  • Using different types of materials, paper, card, fabrics, threads, fibres, found objects, clay or clay like materials and plasticine
  • Experiencing different qualities of materials, soft, hard, rigid, flexible, shiny, matt
  • Learning different techniques and processes, collage, modelling, weaving, stitching, tie dying, knitting
  • Transforming materials from two-to three-dimensions by, folding, joining, shaping, constructing and assembling.

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