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Do You Think Leeds is a Sporting City?

Leeds has a pretty good track record of sporting achievements. From Headingley Stadium hosting the very first Rugby League Challenge Cup final in 1897, to the return of medal winning athletes from competitions like the Olympics. Every day thousands of people take part in a huge range of sports across Leeds, whether for fun, as a hobby, to keep fit or as a professional athlete.

The history of sport in Leeds brings together the story of individuals and communities.

It shows how sports can improve feelings of togetherness, belonging and identity as well as improving your health. Historically sports have also helped raise money and improve community spaces across Leeds.

In this resource we give you an introduction to just of few of the sports that you can get involved in as a player, audience member or fan in Leeds. We’ll tell you about some of Leeds’ amazing sports men and women who were chosen through the Sports Heritage Network social media campaign in 2018. We’ve only uncovered a few of the thousands of success stories you’ll find if you dig around. Let us know what stories you find…