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Teachers' Notes

This resource has been created in partnership with Sporting Heritage, Leeds United Foundation, Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Leeds Libraries and West Yorkshire Archives Service.


Curriculum Links

  • KS2 Physical Education 
  • KS2 History: Theme extending knowledge beyond 1066
  • KS2 PSHE:  Relationships, Rights, Responsibilities, Community and Global Citizenship· 
  • KS2 Citizenship: Developing a healthy lifestyle       


Activity Ideas

  • Who is your sporting hero?
    • What sport do they play and why are they your hero?
    • Draw a picture or poster, create a sculpture or write a poem or story about your sporting hero.
  • Choose one of the sports women or men mentioned in this resource. Find out more about their lives and what influenced their success.
  • Have a go at the LUFC badge quiz.
  • Plot the different host countries for the last 10 Olympic games on an atlas.
    • Now look at where Leeds is on the map.
    • How many competitors from Leeds have competed in the last 10 Olympic games?
  • Leeds University has its own Quidditch team inspired by the Harry Potter books. In this game there are two teams of seven players against each other. This sport includes ideas from rugby, dodgeball and basketball.
    • What other fantasy sports have you heard about?
    • Create your own sports game either combining some other sports you like or completely from your own imagination.
  • Find out about the ‘No to Racism’ campaign led by UEFA (see Supporting Links) What are the main issues, and what is being done about racism in football and other sports?·      
  • FIFA created an online debate to answer the question ‘How would you put a stop to racism?’ Have a class discussion about this question and in groups come up with as many creative ideas as you can to answer it.
  • Create your own anti racism banner or campaign slogan.
  • Celebrate National Sporting Heritage Day on September 30th (#NSHD2018) by delivering an event or exhibition around your own sporting heroes or sports stories you’ve uncovered.
  • For further information on how to embed sporting heritage within teaching and learning you can download our more in-depth free resource  in the Supporting Links section.

Discussion Ideas

  • Men and boys have historically dominated some sports. Why do you think this might be?
    • How can we encourage more girls to take part in these sports?
    • Which sports do you think have been dominated by women?
    • How could we encourage more boys to take part in these sports?
  • Most sports women and men suffer from nerves before they perform. What different techniques do they use to deal with this?
    • How could you use some of these techniques to calm yourself down when you are under pressure?
  • What other sporting activities are you interested in?
    • Why do you like these sports?
    • Do you know about any unusual sports?
  • What makes Leeds a sporting city?
  • List all of the benefits of taking part in a sport. Discuss your ideas with a partner.
  • If you could choose any, which new sport would you most like to take part in and why?
  • Why do you think that sports clubs have been so important for local communities?