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From St Michael to Marspen

Simon Marks created the St Michael brand in 1928, naming it after his father Michael Marks.

The St Michael label was a quality mark, showing that the item it was attached to was made exclusively for M&S, and not sold by any other companies. This meant that at first there were only a few St Michael products, but the range soon grew to include clothing, toys and food. 

The style of the logo changed to a handwritten 'St Michael' in the 1950s. This was to create a more feminine and friendly brand that would appeal to M&S customers. 

Other brand names used by M&S included Marspen for household goods and toys, and Marspun for clothing.

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St Michael logo 1932
Advert for Marspen children's books from Marks & Spencer
St Michael logo
Label for Marspun dress from Marks & Spencer