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Advertising then and now

Internal advertising - staff magazines

The first issue of St Michael News was published in 1953, and the last in 1999. As an in-house employee magazine, St Michael News was a great way for everyone working at M&S to stay in touch with what was happening thoughout the Company. Professional journalists were recruited to write articles, staff were enlisted to model for photoshoots and St Michael News even won awards for its coverage of major events. 

In 1999 a new name was chosen, 'On Your Marks', which in turn became 'Your M&S' in 2004. The examples above range from 1953 to 1999.

Download the M&S Advertising and Branding timeline which lists key dates and events in the Company's history and various advertising campaigns up to present day. There are more examples of advertising in the image gallery.

The discussion and activity ideas page makes suggestions for how these resources can be used in the classroom or given to students as homework assignments or extension activities.
St Michael News June 1953
St Michael News 1960s
St Michael News 1980s
On Your Marks, M&S staff magazine July 1999