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Growing up in the 1980s

Growing up now

Mary’s story:

Mary Temple-Smees (a nine-year-old when recorded in 2012) is a collector of Doctor Who toys, Disney toys and Rainbow Magic books. She talks about how she started collecting Disney dolls through a Disney magazine bought by her grandmother at the local shop, and Doctor Who figures through a Christmas present. She states her 'collections of collections' will only be complete once she has collected everything!  Watch Mary's story here.

Mary's collection was on display the City Museum from April 2012 until August 2012.


Emille and Marissa’ stories:

Emilee talks to Kitty about old dolls and her teddy, and Marissa talks about what she played with and technology in new toys. Made in 2015 as part of a Leeds Museums and Galleries community project. Watch the film here.  

Jointed pale yellow teddy bear with seam down its belly.  It looks well loved.
Teddy Bear


Tillie's story:

Tillie is British-Ghanaian and growing up in Leeds. Here, she talks about the joys (and the food) of blended cultures and the challenges she has faced growing up.

What do you want Leeds to be for the future? What world do you want to grow up in and leave for your children? Some of the children of Leeds set out what they want the city to be as part of Child Friendly City.


Growing up in Faith

For many families, faith is an integral part of their lives and growing up in Leeds includes the experience of belonging to a faith-based community.  For more information on the variety of faiths practised in Leeds, see the Faith in Leeds learning story.