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Cyberman Moneybox

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Resource created by Leeds Museums and Galleries, Abbey House.


Curriculum Links

  • KS1 English
  • KS1 Science: Materials


Cyberman Toy
Cyberman Toy

The Cybermen are one of Dr Who’s most persistent enemies. They first appeared on television in 1966 and have been fighting the Doctor ever since. They are cyborgs part man, part machine. This Cyberman is a plastic money box toy. It is from the second series aired in 2006 when David Tennant became the tenth Doctor.

Cybermen are cyborgs, a mixture of organism, in this case human, and machine. If you were going to design a new fictional cyborg baddie for film or television what parts would you put together?


Activity Ideas

  • Pick an animal or person and a machine and combine them. You could mix a cow with a lawnmower or a cat with computer!
    • Give your creation a name.
    • What does your new creation look like?
    • How did they come into being? Did someone create them or was it an accident?
    • What would their special powers be based on their design?
  • Write a story featuring your new creation. You could make a cartoon, create a short film with homemade puppets, plasticine models or an animation.

  • Turn yourself into a cyborg; create some wearable cyborg parts out of card board boxes, packaging, fabric, milk cartons and tinfoil. How scary are you?