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New School Year, New My Learning

New School Year, New My Learning
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Teaching Prehistory? 

Check out our specially curated Work Board featuring learning stories, images and activity downloads.

Star Carr Deer Antlers



Earliest Civilizations: Ancient Egypt

Delve into the mysteries of the afterlife, find out what actually happened during mummificiation, protect yourself with magical amulets and explore everyday life.

If you're starting the term off with Ancient Egypt, we've got some great resources!

Collection of Ceramic Egyptian Shabti
Ceramic Egyptian Shabti



Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

If the Roman Empire is where you're starting the year, this interactive image makes a great whole class activity, or a supported homework task.

Brown leather sandal with four strips of leather anchoring the foot like a modern flip-flop, attached to leather that goes round the back of the ankle
Child's Roman leather sandal



Looking to get Crafty?

Papier mâché has long been a favourite modelling material.  Explore the history and surprising skill involved in this humble craft that's been used to create everything from masks to decorative vases, and even double beds!

Brown vases with intricate gold handles  of leafy vines and winged beasts.
A Pair of Papier Mâché Vases



Leeds Curriculum

Have you heard of the Leeds Curriculum?  It's a place-based curriculum, designed to help children learn through exploring the history, art and culture of their city, and it's all available for free on My Learning! 

Welcome to the Leeds Curriculum


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