M&S Birth of a Brand - Logos and Brand Names

Discussion and activity ideas

This page suggests ways in which old and new images can be used with different subjects, as prompts for classroom and homework activities.

KS2 Design & Technology

  • Look at the two different versions of the St Michael logo. Why do you think the image of an angel holding up a sword was used in the first design of 1932?
  • Design a new logo for your school based on either the name of the school, its location or both! Think about all the different places it will be used. How will this affect your design?
KS2 Literacy:
  • Look at the children's books advert. Can you work out how the brand name 'Marspen' was invented? 
  • Keep your eyes peeled for logos and brand names on adverts, posters and packaging. Spot as many different brand names as you can. Share the results in your class, and then invent a new brand name that is made up of two different words joined together. Vote for which one is everyone's favourite.
KS3 Art & Design/Graphic Design:
  • Play the 'guess the logo' game to see how many well-known brands you can recognise (see related links below)
  • Can you think of any logos that only use graphics (e.g. signs and symbols) rather than words and letters? Design a new logo for a chain of shops using only graphics. How will you decide what colours and shapes to use?
  • Look at the M&S Company Archive logo at the top of the Marks in Time website (see related links below). It's also on the tab sticking out on the right-hand side of this page above. Discuss why you think it has been designed this way - what message is it trying to convey and to whom?
Download the M&S Advertising and Branding Timeline PDF to find out more about the history of the M&S brand.

See also the M&S Buildings and Signage resource, which includes examples of the M&S store signs over the years.

There are several more examples of M&S logos in the Carrier Bags resource.

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