In Your Shoes

Teachers' notes

This resource is designed to support a classroom based, cross-curricular project on shoes with a focus on Design Technology and History. It can also be used to support a visit to the Life and Sole Gallery at Northampton Museum.


The following pages of this resource provide images of shoes from the gallery, along with detailed background information on each shoe.



All of the suggested activities for this resource can be found in the Downloads section (links at the bottom of this page).

In Your Shoes


Shoe Project activities



This resource contains an interactive activity in which pupils can label the different parts of a shoe.


Curriculum Links:


In Your Shoes will support the study of different periods in time including Victorian, Roman and World War 2. The resources and activities will help pupils to understand what life was like for people living at those times.

Design Technology and Science

This resource also provides opportunities to explore the design and manufacture of shoes. The activities will enable pupils to explore the process of making shoes, looking at purpose and and suitability, materials and their properties, production and marketing.  

Other Subjects

The resources can also support work in ICTAC, PHSE and Citizenship, RE, Geography, Art, Literacy and Numeracy.

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