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Brief Introduction to Dr Williams' School

Dr Williams’ School (DWS), Dolgellau first opened its doors to pupils in 1878 and closed just before its centenary in 1975. A non-denominational school, DWS took in girls from the local area as well as boarders from across the UK and beyond.

Girls working at Dr Williams' School Dolgellau c.1920
Dr Williams' School Dolgellau c.1920

According to the 1911 Census there were 79 pupils registered at the school that year, most of them born in Wales or England, though there were also pupils from India and China. The headmistress at the school between 1906 and 1924 was Miss Florence Anstey, who was born in Bath, Somerset in 1867.

Miss Florence Anstey, Headmistress
Miss Florence Anstey, Headmistress


Centenary - The 100th anniversary of when something began, or of an event
Non-denominational (school) - Not relating to one particular religion or religious group
Boarders - Students who live at school during term time