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This Little Piggy

This resource is part of the Museum Snapshot collection - a collection of smaller resources perfect for starters, plenaries or spare moments to explore something fascinating.


Resource created by Leeds Museums and Galleries, Abbey House.


Curriculum Links

  • KS1 English
  • KS1 Geography: Location of countries (Germany)
  • KS1 Science: Materials
  • KS1 History: Changes within Living Memory

This little piggy was made in Germany in about 1935. It was made by a company called Schuco who specialised in clockwork or windup toys. The key to wind it up can be seen sticking out of its suitcase.

Clockwork toy pig c.1935 made by Schuco
Clockwork Toy Pig c.1935

The pig is made using a metal armature to give it strength and stability. The softer felt material of the pig has been sewn around this. The pig’s suitcase is also metal. Looking closely, the wheels that enable the pig to move can be seen sticking out of its feet.



Armature - a framework on which a sculpture or model is created around.


Discussion and Activity Ideas

  • Where do you think the pig might be going? Is he off on holiday or is there a secret spy mission in this little piggy’s future? Write a story about what the pig is going to do next.
  • Take a piece of brown paper, card or cereal box, fold it in half and cut off a 3cm slice off one end. Cut the strip in half to make 2 handles and stick one to the open top of each side. You now have a folded paper suitcase! What does the piggy need to pack? You can make paper outfits or write a list.
    Download instructions for the paper suitcase in the Resources section.
  • There are lots of stickers on the pig’s suitcase, he has been to London Paris and Berlin. Draw a map of where he has been or spot the places on a globe or atlas. How do you think he travelled, by plane, bus or car? Design some travel tickets for his journey.
  • What do pigs like to eat? Create him a special sandwich for his journey. You could do some internet research into what pigs really like to eat or create a Roald Dahl inspired treat!
  • Could this pig be one of the famous 3 little pigs? If so what do you think he will make his house out of? Is he moving because the Big Bad Wolf blew his house down?
  • What materials is this pig made of? How does it move? How does this contrast with modern toys?