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Saltaire - Victorian Model Town, Then and Now
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Video 1: Introduction by 'Sir Titus Salt'

Hello, I am Sir Titus Salt. Welcome to my Saltaire.

I was born in Morley near Leeds on 20 September 1803, a very long time ago.  I started my career working in a wool mill before leaving to set up my own mill.
Years later I founded this wonderful village to take my workers out of Bradford. May I show you around?
Of course things may have changed quite a bit since my time.  I might need your help too.  Wait a minute, what's this?  Titus Tours? Left ear, right ear?
(Voice from headphones): Welcome to Sir Titus Salt's Saltaire.  He was one of the most successful and innovative men of his time.  Where would you like to visit first?

Come along, no time to waste.