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M&S Birth of a Brand - Buildings and Signage
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'Modern Shopping' - Promotional Film for M&S Tooting store

1884 – The first Penny Bazaar, and the beginning of the Marks & Spencer reputation for quality, value and service.
Today in towns and cities all over the country, Marks & Spencer has developed into the store you know so well.
And now, to give you modern shopping, Marks & Spencer has built a magnificent new store in this area.
Here you will find the full range of St Michael goods.
A new experience in shopping.
Shop at your leisure, comfortably, economically.
Choose from the widest possible range.
Clothes for all the family.
Shopping for fashion? Shopping for quality? The buy St Michael, the brand name of Marks & Spencer.
Be sure to visit the spacious food section, where you can buy foods famous for freshness.
Biscuits, cakes, canned foods, fruits – specially selected and graded.
And provisions.
Quick, easy service.
Top quality and it costs no more.
All St Michael from Marks & Spencer.
Marks & Spencer – modern shopping starts here.