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Viking Ring
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Discovering the Viking Ring - Digi Story

Well we do quite a bit of draining. Yes, well this drain had been wet, a wet place on the side of the field for a long while, and I meant drain it oh a lot of years.   Well anyway, three years since I bought a JCB digger and I cleaned it out with a ditching bucket, this drain.  And oh it was a lot better so we decided to put that drain in a ten inch pipe, and we started to dig and we dug the trench, the full length with the mechanical digger for three ten-metre lengths and we put them in, and we shouldn't have done that day because that night it came an awful flood, and we put the pipes in but it washed the pipes up and it blocked the drain completely. 

Anyway, I went up next morning and I had to wade into the water and take the pipe out to get the water away.  Anyway, I got it running and by dinnertime it had all run away and so I started with a spade, just a hand spade, and I cleaned it out, and I laid one of these lengths of piping, and by dinnertime I'd got two lengths laid in.  And after dinner I went back and I was gonna put the last pipe in and I saw something shining (the sun had come out).

And it was just glittering through the water, well it's a milk bottle top, one of those old copper ones or something, and I never bothered with it.  Carried on and laid the piping and it came right through it to where the shiny thing was, and I bent down to pick it up and as soon as I picked it up I knew it was gold because it was heavy.   So I cleaned it off, and it was actually the shape that it was, it hadn't been damaged in any way, and that's how I found it.  But what was a Viking man doing there?!