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Life in WW1 Country House Hospitals
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Dialogue 6 - A Game of Tennis

We hear the scraping of a large door and, as it opens, we are outside on a summer’s day. Netta is wheeling a patient in a bath chair onto the terrace to enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine. This patient has been ‘a bit down’ and she is trying to encourage him. But he does not want to talk.
Netta: There you go. All settled out on the terrace. I’ll just tuck that blanket around your legs. (Beat) We’ll soon have you walking down to the old chestnut tree near the Lodge gates.
Alun: (Calls over to her) Are you playing bowls with us, Nurse? It’s too nice a day to be working inside. 
Netta: Tennis is my game! Sorry.
Brendan: Grand idea. Let’s play tennis instead!
Alun: You’re crazy, bach. How will you play tennis on them crutches?
Netta: I’m sorry to disappoint but I really can’t play again. I was in trouble for not getting everything done yesterday. All that wood in there doesn't polish itself you know. 
Alun: Fair enough, we’ll let you alone. Brendan and I can take Fred on, two against one. That should even things up.
Netta watches them go and we hear the sound of the game starting up.