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Life in WW1 Country House Hospitals
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Dialogue 2 - Patient Handover

Sister McGowen: Both Private Williams and Lance Corporal Ryder had a tough time with it last night so they should be left to sleep a little longer. 
Kathleen: What happened to them?
Sister McGowen: Lance Corporal Ryder woke up in great distress… he is very much on edge at the moment, which is understandable in the circumstances. And Private Williams’ leg wound has become re-infected.
Kathleen: Oh no! But he was doing so well… and I was so careful with his dressings.
Sister McGowen: It has nothing to do with his care, Nurse Boyle, and you have been doing an excellent job. We’ll make a nurse out of you yet.
Kathleen: That is kind of you, Sister.
Sister McGowen: There’s no substitute for experience but you’ve done well to learn so much in such a short time. Now, what about this new Belgian soldier… he seemed a little out of sorts last night. We could perhaps ask Lady Wood to speak with him? 
Kathleen: Lady Wood?
Sister McGowen: Yes, he doesn’t speak much English but I believe Lady Wood’s French has never been better, she says it’s from having all these French-speaking Belgians to chat to. 
The nurses return to their busy morning schedule and the soundscape dips to ambient noises of bustling around the ward (brisk walking, shaking and folding sheets, scraping chair legs on the floor, scrubbing and washing of equipment, etc.)