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New School Year = New Adventures

New School Year = New Adventures
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Green Classroom Challenge

M&S Plan A Slogan on a T-Shirt
M&S Plan A Slogan

With Greta Thunberg firing up young people everywhere to take action to save the planet, why not take a look at our resources focussing on sustainability?  Explore the ‘Most Sustainable Suit in the World' with M&S, and learn about green design with their Cheshire Oaks Eco Store resource. Challenge your pupils to make their class the greenest in the school!

Curriculum Links:

  • KS2 Citizenship
  • KS2 Geography


Life’s a Journey


Black and white image of Isabella Bird on a pony near a wall.  There is a Tibetan man holding the reins of the pony
Isabell Bird in Tibet

New beginnings can be both exciting and a little scary.  Check out our brand new Leeds Museums resource on two brave adventurers for inspiration on tackling new situations:  In the 1800s, Isabella Bird challenged the social stereotype of women, spending most of her life travelling to countries as diverse as Canada, Turkey and Korea.  In the early 1900s, Captain Oates set out as part of the iconic Terra Nova expedition to the South Pole, gathering scientific data along the way that is still being used today!


Establishing a Class Community

Colour photograph showing a crowd of men and boys on the street.  One is playing a drum and two are dancing.
Pakistani Wedding Celebrations in a Wakefield Street

If you’re setting your class values for the rest of the year, why not explore our brand new resource focussing on the experiences of Pakistani migrants into Britain.  Including historical background of colonial Britain’s approach immigration post-war, and using primary source documents from both Wakefield and the National Archives, it’s a rich source of stories to spark discussions on new beginnings, equality and discrimination and creating a shared community.


International Peace Day (21st September)

Promote cultural understanding with our re-published digital interactive ‘My Culture Quest’.  Explore objects from across the globe and help your pupils build an understanding of themes that affect their community, and communities around the world.


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