M&S Schoolwear and Teenage Fashion

Discussion and activity ideas

This page suggests ways in which the material in this resource can be used with different subjects, as prompts for discussion and extension activities.

You can also use the Related Links at the bottom of the page to discover further resources to support the activities below and stimulate discussion.

KS3 Citizenship: 

  • Do you think pupils should wear school uniform or not?
  • What are the main points for and against wearing school uniforms?
  • Look at the Blue Socks School Uniform Debate then organise your own debate in your school to decide whether or not the school was right to exclude the girl.
  • Look at the 1992 schoolwear advert. What do you think is meant by school shoes being a 'bone of contention between youngsters and parents'? Who do you think should decide what pupils wear at school - teachers, parents or children? 

KS3 Geography - Recycling:

  • Do you own any clothing that is made from recycled material? How else are you 'doing your bit' for the environment? 
  • What about your school - does it have a recycling policy? (see Related Links below for some ideas on how schools can recycle)

KS3 Literacy/KS3 English: 


  • Look at the Junior Miss fashion advert from 1967 and the text below it.  What do you think is meant by ' the very special tastes...of the in-betweens'
  • What do you think are the good points and bad points of being a teenager? Use the Related Links below for ideas. 

KS3 Design & Technology: 

  • Imagine you had to design a new school bag for mass production. Make a list of all the things you have to take into account before deciding on which materials to use and how it should look.
  • Read about the process of recycling plastic bottles into fabric for making schoolwear. Why do you think the zips, buttons and trims are not made from recycled material?  

KS3 Art & Design: 

  • How would you describe teenage fashion today?
  • How far do you agree with this sentence: ' Life's a catwalk, even in the playground'?
  • Look at the different schoolwear images then design a modern school uniform, for either a girl or a boy, that uses elements from each time period shown.

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