M&S - The Most Sustainable Suit in the World!

Discussion and activity ideas

This page suggests ways in which the material in this resource can be used with different subjects, as prompts for discussion and extension activities.

Discussion Ideas:

  • What do you think the word 'sustainable' means? How is it different from 'recycled'?
  • How do you know if something has been recycled?
  • Why is sustainability important for the future of the planet?
  • What sort of job might you have if you had to wear a suit everyday? 
  • Why have M&S made a sustainable suit to let people know about their environmental aims, rather than say e.g. pyjamas? You can find out more on the resource Schoolwear and Teenage Fashion
  • Why else are suits worn? Who do you know who wears them and when? 
  • What is a Press Release designed to do? 
  • If you look at the link below about the M&S Shwopping campaign, you'll see it features a famous personality. Why has M&S chosen this person to raise the profile of the campaign?  

Activity Ideas:

  • Look at the labels in your clothes to see where they were made, and what they are made from.  Plot the different countries on a map.
  • Write down as many different jobs you can think of involved in the making of the original suit e.g. labels might have involved designers, weavers, machinists.
  • In groups look at the objects in your classroom and make two lists, one for objects or materials that could be recycled and the other for things that might already have been recycled.  
  • Create a plan to recycle more. Include the following: How will you let people know what you are doing? How will you record your project? How will it affect all the other people in your school?
  • Write a Press Release to let other people know what you have achieved  (this Press Release Basics template might help) and decide who you should send it to
  • M&S have a 'Shwopping' campaign. What two words has the word 'Shwopping' been made up of? Have your own Shwopping Day at school.

Fashion Show project ideas:

  • Work as a team: design and make clothes from things that would usually be thrown away, or from clothes that would normally go to the charity shop or be Shwopped.
  • Organise a fashion show to raise money for a local charity or for your school.
    Plan your tasks in a timeline, then share out the tasks according to the different skills and interests of each team member.

Sustainability project ideas:

  • Carry out a 'sustainability audit' in your school. Walk around school and record any ways in which the school is not being sustainable e.g. dripping taps, toilets, lights left on, windows open and heating on etc. Think of different ways to present the statistics you have gathered.
  • Create posters using images and language that will persuade other classes to be more sustainable. 
  • Design a new product that is fully sustainable or reusable.  List the ways your product will help the environment.

For more about sustainability see also -  M&S Cheshire Oaks Eco Store.

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