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Japanese Ivory Carving
These okimono display Japanese carving skills to the world
Japanese Ivory Tusk Vases
Japanese carved tusks, decorated with birds
Japanese Samurai Armour
Protective suit to scare off the enemy
Japanese Shrine or Butsudan
A domestic shrine housing the Goddess of Mercy
Japanese Stencil Design
A Meiji stencil illustrating the legend of Urashima Taro
Japanese Woodblock Print
Explore the codes and conventions behind a Samurai print
Javanese Marriage Figures
Hindu figures help bring good luck to newly weds
Javanese Shadow Puppet
Made in 1994 by East Java craftsman from stiff leather parchment
Jewish Emigration to Britain
Local history study of Hullís Jewish community
John Ruskin - Art, Society and Ideology
Exploring the life and times of John Ruskin
Joseph W Giardelli's WWI Pocket Watch Case
Sent from his colleagues at the Royal Mint in 1914
Julia Domna Head Pot
A vessel moulded in the shape of the wife of Roman Emperor Severus

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